Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Winter Break Work.....

I really need to get back into using this thing! I've just been having trouble finding the time or the inspiration lately. Thanks to Pintrest (could there be a better website? I think not), I haven't had to think for myself much lately so I haven't had anything to write about really!

Something that I do want to tell you is how much work I plan on getting done over break. I don't really do relaxation—I lay around for an hour or two and then I'm over it. I can relax better thinking about how efficient I'm being. :) Unfortunately, I accidentally left A LOT of the stuff I was going to try to get done at school so I can't actually work on it until after break. I'll just have to find other things to do to get ready for the next few weeks. My goal is to get as much done as I can over break so that I can revamp my classroom when I get back... it is driving me bonkers. The feng shui or whatever. Or however you spell it.

Another thing I am doing over break is studying (eek) for the GRE. I hope to take it within a week or two of the new year and I want to get a fabulous score. I thought I had finally decided what I wanted to go back to school for—(masters of ed in...) Elementary Education with a concentration in gifted education. However, my newfound student loan bill from undergrad has me a little freaked out about the possibility of going back so soon. But, alas, my GRE score will be good for five years so I am taking it now regardless.

What I really wanted to share with you is something I made last week for the next nine weeks....

During the past two nine weeks I have been getting a little frustrated trying to figure out what to teach from week to week and finding myself in a panic at the end of the nine weeks because I haven't managed to fit everything in. I also have been disappointed in the lack of creative things I have been doing with the kids. In order to combat this, I have made my own pacing guide for the next nine weeks! If it seems to work better for me this way, I will make one for the fourth nine weeks as well. I didn't do much with the science section yet because, honestly, I need to study up on the objectives a little bit more before I commit to a plan. Here's the guide if you would like to take a look at it, click here.

Happy Holidays!

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