Sunday, November 13, 2011

Reading Tips for Parents

My first parent-teacher conference night was a success! I did have a no-show and two that showed up an hour late wanting to meet while I was meeting with other parents, but other than that, everything went smoothly! The more I see the parents and know how much they are actually willing to help, the more I appreciate them.

One thing I did notice was that many of my parents are eager to learn ways that they can help their child at home in areas that they are struggling in (mainly reading for my students). I was asked for a sort of “cheat sheet” by a couple of parents and decided to look and see if there were any online before I actually sat down to make one from scratch.

I managed to find two that I liked enough to use—one for comprehension for both my higher and lower readers and one on phonemic awareness for my lower readers. They both have great tips to help children read better and I wanted to share them with anyone else that needs something similar!

Here they are:
Comprehension Parent

Phonemic Awareness Parent

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