Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ready for "Break" to End?

I was stressing out about the new student I'm getting before I went to bed last night and ended up having a bad dream because of it. Not only did I get one new student, but four on the same day and they were all huge behavior problems, their (disruptive) families stayed the whole day, and I got observed by my assistant principal during all the chaos. The worst part about it was that my class size didn't go up or anything—these students all replaced some of the students that I already have and part of my stress was that I didn't want them taking over their desks because I really wanted my kids to come back. Separation anxiety? I am officially emotionally attached.

Anyway, I wanted to share two things that I created the other day in case anyone would like to use them. One is the reading response project that I am doing with the kids when we go back and the other is the new spelling menu the kids will get for homework once we get back. I've been using another spelling menu for most of the year, but I wanted to change the activities because they were getting a little stale. :)

Click here to download Scrapbook.

Click here to download Spelling Menu.

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    P.s love the scrapbook!