Sunday, September 4, 2011

Organizing Chaos!

The school year has started! Although we have only had five school days so far because of the hurricane, my classroom has already started to look like an unorganized disaster zone. There are papers everywhere and I haven't even tried to do any work at my desk--instead I've been using the guided reading table since it's so big and clear. I had better clean it up soon since I will be starting math groups next week (which I am a little nervous about since I didn't ever do them during my student teaching).

Some things I am struggling with are:
Where do I put materials that are topic-specific but won't fit in a file folder?
What is the best way to organize my classroom library?
How do I maximize my wall space so that I can have up decorative items, educational posters, and student work?

My goal this week is to make sure that EVERYTHING has a place. Every day I will close my classroom door, set a timer for 10 minutes, and organize. Once the timer goes off, I have to move on to planning and such.

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